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C l a s s


For the month of September we will be covering:

The CHarleston

The Charleston originated in the early 1900's by African American dancers on an island not far from Charleston, South Carolina.

It was not until 1923 when the dance exploded into popular culture, when it was featured in a revue in New York City.

The dance quickly rose in popularity conjoined with Ragtime Jazz music, ushering in the age of Flappers (female solo Charleston dancers), and eventually giving birth to Lindy Hop.

Charleston is forever connected to Lindy Hop both historically and culturally. It is an upbeat partnered dance that includes kicks, syncopation, and contra body movement.




What to expect…

Dance class is held every Sunday Night at The Space - 2570 NE Twin Knolls Dr, Ste 110.

Our classes are organized into series which are typically four weeks long and progressively build on one another.

Each lesson is an hour and is designed to get you moving and on the dance floor so we suggest that you dress comfortably and be ready to sweat!

We expect our students to rotate partners because it allows you to meet new people, dance with more experienced students + teachers, and get better faster so you can dance well with many different people. We promise… it’s not to torture you.

You don’t need to bring a partner, just yourself and some dancing shoes! We’ll take care of the rest.

Arrive at least five minutes prior to the lesson to check in. It’s a $10 drop-in at the door (cash + card accepted).

Please be respectful of teachers, students, and fellow attendees. If you have concerns, please speak with our leadership team  or email info@bendlindyhop.com


Now offering Private Lessons

Personalized instruction at your own pace.

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