We’re all here to have fun! do your best, enjoy yourself and try to make the evening fun for others as well.


If you’d like to dance with someone then take the initiative and invite them for a dance. Do so politely. Don’t sit around waiting for the other person to ask you. Be sure to ask them which role they would like to dance… don’t just assume. Say, “Would you like to lead or follow?”


Everyone has the right to say “No,” to a dance for any reason. In most cases the reason isn’t personal. Smile graciously and move on.


Thank your partner for the dance when the song ends.


If you accidentally kick or hit someone while dancing, apologize. If a person consistently dances in a dangerous way, bring it to their attention. Otherwise, do not correct others’ dancing unless you were specifically asked for feedback.


We’ve all got the swing bug, but germs are not something we need to share. If you have to sneeze or cough do so into your arm, not your hand. Wash your hands throughout the evening. Maintain good personal hygiene- shower before the dance, bring deodorant, use breath mints, maybe bring an extra shirt… or two.


Intentional verbal or physical abuse (touching, cursing, etc.) is unacceptable. Offenders may be banned- permanently. If you even feel uncomfortable or unsafe bring it to the leadership’s attention right away.