We’re so glad you’re here! BLH is your source for a toe tapping good time in the Bend, OR area. Whether you’re a local, just visiting or planning you’re next move, we’ve got you covered! Check out our Lindy Hop classes, social dances, special events and everything in between!


Q: What is Lindy Hop?

A: Originating in Harlem, Lindy Hop is the style of social dancing that developed in the 1930’s and 1940’s to jazz music. You can think of Lindy Hop as an umbrella term that encompasses several styles of dance including Lindy, Charleston, Balboa and Collegiate Shag.

Q: Can anyone learn to Lindy Hop?

A: Lindy Hop is uniquely accessible to most everyone, even if you have no dance experience. Wondering if you can Lindy Hop? Check out our class page for upcoming lessons.

Q: What is the difference between lead and follow?

A: At the very beginning of your learning, leaders initiate the shapes/moves and followers respond. As we progress, the dynamic starts to change: It becomes more of a conversation.

Q: Which role do I choose?

A: It is entirely up to you. Both are fun and challenging, sometimes in very different ways.

Q: What do I wear?

A: For our classes and socials, we encourage everyone to dress comfortably. Wear shoes that have support but are not too sticky. Some people dress up a bit more for our monthly social. However, this is not required. You will not be out of place in a pair of jeans and tee shirt.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner?

A: Only if you want to! Our community is a very friendly place. Most of the dancers do not have a regular partner and the ones that do still social dance with everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to dance!

Q: Where can I dance during the week?

A: There are opportunities to dance around the Bend area. Join our email list for weekly updates and check out our events page for current listings.

Q: Where can I find music to practice at home?

A: Bend Lindy Hop has a playlist on Spotify. Check it out: Beginner Summer Series.

Q: Who is Frankie Manning?

A: Frankie Manning is widely considered the greatest and most influential Lindy Hopper of all-time. Along with being credited for developing a more athletic position within Lindy, he created the first ensemble routine, airstep, and developed many of the partnering dynamics used throughout the dance. He traveled the world from the 1980’s until his passing in 2009, spreading the joy of Lindy Hop through his teachings and stories. He is recognized as the prime mover in Lindy Hop’s worldwide spread during the modern era.

Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop is essential reading for all Lindy Hoppers.